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The Community Behavioral Health Association of Maryland is the leading advocacy organization for Maryland's community-based behavioral health providers, including both mental health and addiction treatment.

The Community Behavioral Health Association (CBH) of Maryland is the professional association for Maryland's public community behavioral health providers - including both mental health and addiction treatment services. Our 105 members support the CBH vision of a high-quality system of public behavioral health care for individuals and families in Maryland. This is realized through a mission that advocates, educates, and affiliates members, stakeholders, and decision makers around the success and needs of the public behavioral health system. Our core values guide the everyday actions of the association and how we make decisions to best support the public behavioral health system in Maryland.

      CBH Core Values

  • RESPONSIVE: We work to ensure our services, communication, advocacy, and projects are courteous, timely, and solutions-based.
  • ADAPTABLE: CBH understands the changing needs of behavioral health providers and works to account for this in all that we do.
  • INFORMED: The association uses data and critical thinking to move policies and projects in the right direction for our members.
  • FORWARD THINKING: CBH approaches all that we do with the intent of creating a better system of care in Maryland.

CBH supports our members through advocacy at the legislative, executive, and grassroots level. We work to support peer-learning and education through our five member-driven learning communities, and we affiliate with peer groups and stakeholders to strengthen the voice of change for behavioral health in Maryland.

Meet Our Staff Members

Shannon Hall
Executive Director


Lauren Grimes
Assistant Director


Picture of Lori Doyle

Lori Doyle
Public Policy Director


Moshera Sees
Office & Member Services Manager

The Board of Directors

The Board of Directors is comprised of 17 members who meet monthly to govern the CBH. 
The board also has a variety of subcommittees supporting the administration and governance of the association.

FY2023 Executive Committee


Dimitri Cavathas
Lower Shore Clinic


Sondra Tranen
Partnership Development Group 


Karen Carloni
Southern Maryland Community Network

We support best practices.  We connect colleagues in the field.  We fight for rights and resources.


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