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The Community Behavioral Health Association of Maryland (CBH) advocates for policy and legislative changes designed to achieve a robust, high quality, clinically integrated behavioral health system for  families and individuals in Maryland.

CBH has modified its public policy work to address a virtual session, the COVID public health emergency, and the continuing dysfunction of the ASO vendor. Below you'll find resources about CBH's work on Maryland's legislative session, followed by our other public policy resources on Optum and COVID.

CBH Priorities

CBH Priorities: Address Maryland's Behavioral Health Crisis (Jan. 10, 2022)

CBH Policy Resources

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Legislative Session Resources

The association's Public Policy Committee meets with members weekly to offer updates on federal and state developments, gather information on members' needs, and shape CBH's public policy advocacy. Members can learn more and connect to these efforts by logging into the member portal (green button at top right corner of the website). To get your members-only credentials, please contact CBH staff.

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Previous Legislative Sessions 

2020 Legislative Session: Final Report (Apr. 27, 2020)

2019 Legislative Session: Final Report (Apr. 10, 2019)

JCR Reports:

  1. BHA Facility Staffing 
  2. Behavioral Health Workforce and Capacity
  3. Inpatient Psychiatric Bed Capacity
  4. Fidelity Audit of Supportive Employment and ACT
  5. Use of Voluntary Placement Agreements
  6. Medicaid Program Business Process

2018 Legislative Session: Final Report (Apr. 12, 2018)

We support best practices.  We connect colleagues in the field.  We fight for rights and resources.


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