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The Community Behavioral Health Association of Maryland (CBH) advocates for policy changes designed to achieve a robust, high quality, clinically integrated behavioral health system for Maryland residents.

To continue educating others on the importance of this goal, we will provide resources to keep our agencies and the behavioral health field up-to date on the current news from the Annapolis statehouse. 

Behavioral Health Performance Measures, April 2017

2017 Annual Report, June 2017

Technology Use in Behavioral Health, June 2017

Factsheet: Maryland's Behavioral Health Crisis: Expand Access by Indexing Rates to Inflation, November 2016 
 Factsheet: Maintain an Effective Behavioral Health System | Protect Maryland's Carve-Out, December 2016 

Public Comments: Maryland Duals Initiative | CBH Recommendations for Strong Behavioral Health Performance, November 2016 
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We support best practices.  We connect colleagues in the field.  We fight for rights and resources.


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