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Director of Mental Health & Substance Use Services
La Clinica del Pueblo

The Director of Mental Health & Substance Use Services (MH&SU) will oversee the mental health and substance use services of LCDP, including school-based programs, to ensure that efficient and quality health care services are provided. Responsible for the direction, administration, and supervision of all facets of the MH&SU Department, including programs, grants and contractors, policies and procedures, and orientation of all behavioral health providers to ensure consistent and standardized clinical practices across departments.

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Bilingual Clinical Therapist
Family Services Inc., a part of Sheppard Pratt Health System, Rockville, Maryland

  • Offers counseling and case management services in a trauma informed care environment for women fleeing domestic violence and child witnesses of partner abuse.
  • Provides clinical assessment, brief individual counseling, trauma recovery and group counseling, as well as safety and discharge planning.
  • The work schedule is flexible to include some evening hours to accommodate resident schedules.
  • Fluency in English and Spanish is required.

Duties and Responsibilities: Provides clinical assessment of new clients, including an initial safety plan to establish short term therapeutic goals with the client, within three business days of admission to the Center. Working collaboratively with the client and clinical team, develops a plan of action that includes safety planning, legal options, financial remedies, housing options, mental health and other individual goals as directed by the client’s needs. Conducts and documents a full professional psychosocial assessment of each new adult client within one week of admission and continues to meet with the client as often as needed. Identifies and addresses concerns including mental health diagnosis and trauma reaction symptoms, such as sleeping or eating changes. Gathers information (with client signed permission) from previous treatment. Coordinates providers and makes referrals to address current symptoms and future follow up, (e.g. substance abuse, psychiatrist) as needed. Works closely with Case Coordinators to ensure that women develop life skills as identified in their plan of action; coordinates discharge and safety planning to ensure continuing services through APP or other community providers. Offers weekly support group and parenting group (in English and in Spanish) on domestic violence education, victim recovery and empowerment in conjunction with other clinical programs and services. Provides family therapy services to address the impact of abuse on children who have witnessed domestic violence. Attends weekly case consultation meetings, individual supervision and required trainings on both trauma informed care and domestic violence. Conducts care presentations as assigned. Ensures that clinical notes and critical incident reports are complete, timely and accurate. Maintains strict confidentiality of survivor records and information.

Other duties as assigned:

 This position description may be altered to comply with the needs of the program. Qualifications Master’s degree in social work, counseling, psychology or closely related field, with a minimum of two years of relevant clinical experience, a portion of which should be in partner abuse or domestic violence. Must have a demonstrated commitment to serve a diverse community. Must possess a current Maryland license at the independent clinical practitioner level. (LGPC, LCPC, LGSW or LCSW). Fluency in English and Spanish is required.

Please contact www.careers@fs-inc.org for more information.


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